Tell your story

Your church’s website is a first impression to your members and to visitors. Think of your website as your new front door. Your audience wants to interact with your congregation through your website. People want to know what your church is about, what you believe in, and how they can become a part of your story.

The way we use the internet is constantly changing and the way a website is designed and developed needs to keep up with these trends. Websites were not necessarily meant to be static. Your website should grow as your congregation would.

If we want to serve people well and provide opportunities for worship, mission, fellowship, and service; then we need to create dynamic websites that will exceed our website users’ high expectations. Let’s tell your story.

First Impressions Happen Only Once

It takes a user roughly 50 milliseconds to gather a first impression on your website, and thus form an opinion about your church. In this very small period of time, a person will decide what kind of a relationship (if any) they want to have with you. How people perceive your church’s website is how people will perceive your church as a whole.

Additionally, if your website loads too slow for your average user, people will disengage from your website and move on to the next one. Making sure to format your content and photos appropriately, will ensure faster load times on your website.

Today people expect to have interactions with you online. Making sure to be responsive with your contact form and social media accounts, will gain trust with your user.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to evaluate the digital communication needs of your congregation? Lets work together to help your church grow.